Strategic CohesionTM

How cohesive is your company/team?

What are your organization's needs?

  • How clear is your business direction? Is everyone's interpretation consistent about what drives your business?
  • Are the agendas aligned? Is your execution in-sync with your strategy? How often do things fall through the cracks?
  • How well does your organization execute? How efficient, effective and productive is it?

Cohegic is based in Houston, TX. Our solution offerings include:

"Ravi did something for us which no one else could. He gave us the tools to converse openly and honestly with each other. He helped us to define who we are and what we can become."

Jim Tomforde, Vice Chairman, Insurance Alliance

Our leadership parable, How Cohesive is your Company?: Top-notch business performance is impossible until you cohesively align mission, vision, goals, strategy, execution & culture, details our succinct business method. We invite you to order a copy so you can help your organization perform at a higher level.

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"Ravi elevated the level of play of the executive team at US Signs. Though interview, discussions and challenges, he helped to 'broaden the collective mind' of the team."

Jeronimo Provencio , Chief Financial Officer , US Signs, Inc.

"Ravi helped me and my management team design a sales program (strategy, processes, and team selection) aimed at generating new clients/programs/projects for my consulting business. In a consulting business, where most of us grew up eating what we catch, it is hard to make the time to go after the new, unopened accounts. At a time when we were having trouble growing our sales, Ravi helped us work out a better way to utilize the selling and delivering strengths inherent in our organization. Along the way he also helped me, as CEO, understand which of my messages were getting thru and which were not and opened my eyes to the realities [then] of what I now see as proper engagement. Ravi is a good read of talent, personality, and alignment and can help senior managers (especially those of us who are thrown into the fire) understand how to work with our teams in the face of trying business conditions."

Shawn Doherty, President, ERM Southwest

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