About Cohegic Corporation

Founded in 2002, Cohegic Corporation (formerly Effective Execution, Inc.) is a management consulting, executive coaching, sales coaching firm based in Houston, Texas.

Our mission is to help organizations enhance their business clarity and strategic cohesion. We have helped organizations from business units of Fortune 500 companies to mid-market companies. We work with executives from CEOs to leaders of functional departments in our client organizations.

Our management brings years of corporate experience leading difficult management initiatives.

"Executing effectively is the single biggest differentiator for a successful business. Ravi's knowledge, experience and skills in this area are very impressive."

Eric J. Melvin, President and CEO, Mobius Risk Group LLC.

"Ravi has the ability to evaluate complex business environments and to provide direct, meaningful insight to dramatically improve business performance. Ravi is a high energy leader and coach. He brings tremendous energy and focus to everything that he does. His keen insight and executive coaching skills are unparalleled.

Trey Shaffer, Senior Partner, Environmental Resources Management

Our Value Proposition

  • We don't just produce great ideas ... we help you implement them!
    • We intimately understand how to introduce change and why it is so difficult to make change "stick".
  • We assess your organization holistically (across the five areas of business) and therefore come up with the most pertinent solution.
    • We are not a hammer (i.e. specialist in only one functional area) to whom everything is a nail.
  • We solve your immediate issues and also raise the level of your organization in its ability to make things happen.  
    • We impart knowledge of our processes to your organization.
  • We bring a coherent and mature business management model and process.
    • There is a science to our approach which is tried and tested.
  • We cultivate strong bonds with our clients, earn their loyalty and help them succeed year-after-year.

Why Hire Us

  • The risk of not doing anything (staying with status quo) may be far too high.
  • We can help your organization execute and make things happen.
    • We bring real-world, cross-functional experience in leading change management initiatives.
  • We bring an outsider's viewpoint that is objective, impartial and unaffected by the organization's politics.
  • By engaging us you can be sure the changes will get implemented in a timely, cost-efficient and high quality manner.
    • Internal resources may lack one or more of the following - a broad perspective, respect from the organization, time, focus, interest and expertise (without prior experience chances of failure are higher).

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