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How Cohesive is your Company? — A Leadership Parable

Top-notch business performance is impossible until you cohesively align mission, vision, goals, strategies, execution & culture


UNTIL THE NEXT BOARD MEETING — is all the time CEO Trent Wertheimer has to regain the board's confidence, forewarns Chairman Peter Avon.

Trent faces challenging questions. How do I improve my relationships and mitigate politics? How do I drive clear and coherent thinking and actions? How do I tie everything together from mission, vision, strategy to execution, and drive growth?

Engrossing and unpredictable, How Cohesive is Your Company? offers a rich preview of team dysfunction, politics, and personality conflicts; and practical insights on how to drive progress in such situations.

Through Trent's eye-opening journey, you will discover a proven, succinct management method that will drive clarity and coherence, rewire your business, and… rewire your management and leadership perspectives.



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