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I am recommending Ravi as a great addition to your business arsenal. His pragmatic approach to business management, business development, and sales is refreshing. He cuts to the chase and quickly targets workforce skills, processes, and technology that can be applied for short and long-term results. I have benefited from his insights on running and growing businesses.

Susan Farrell, President and CEO, Captavi

How big an impact will improving your organization's execution have on your results? Can you afford to wait? In which of the following five areas of business does your organization need to improve the most?

1. Mission, Vision, Core Management Philosophies and Values (MVC)
- Your Needs

  • Are your organization's Mission, Vision, Core Management Philosophies and Values:
    • Simple and easy to understand?
    • Specific such that it is abundantly clear they describe your organization?
    • Detailed and can be used as  guideposts for making day-to-day decisions?
  • How good is the alignment among the leadership team on the core beliefs, business models, future path and the pace of change?
  • How well do the rank and file employees understand the impact of the MVC on the day-to-day and the long-term business decisions?
  • Do the employees feel that the Values of the organization are reflected in its conduct?

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2. Management Processes
- Your Needs

  • How good is your organization's capabilities around strategy and tactics development:
    • Is there agreement around the key drivers of the business?
    • Is there a clear and coherent strategy?
    • Is the strategy documented succinctly?
    • Is the strategy well-communicated or is it the best-kept secret?
    • Is the strategy based on gut feel or on market data?
    • Are the Sales, Marketing, Product Development and Customer Service strategies in-sync?
    • Is the strategy detailed into tactics?
    • Are the day-to-day activities in-sync with the strategy and tactics?
    • Is the allocation of resources (financial, human, executive attention ...) and internal projects/initiatives driven by the strategy?
  • How good is your organization's capability to monitor, evaluate and adjust business performance:
    • Are the priorities and expectations across groups consistent with each other and the overall strategy?
    • Is it clear which are the key performance indicators (metrics) and why?
    • Is performance reviewed systematically and objectively?  

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3. Work Processes
- Your Needs

    In your organization ...

  • How good is the coordination and interaction between groups?
  • Do things fall through the cracks? 
  • Is the quality of the work product poor? Do things not get done right the first time?
  • Are things not getting done fast enough?
  • Is there redundant work being performed?
  • Are Sales and Product/Service Development in agreement over features?
  • Are Sales and Marketing in-sync about promotions, collaterals, market focus ...?
  • Is customer feedback generating changes within the company or getting lost in the system?
  • Is the company leveraging Information Technology?
  • Are Information-Technology projects in-sync with the business needs?

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4. Organization Structure
- Your Needs

  • Is your organization's structure designed to facilitate the work processes?
  • Is the organization design based on business needs or is it designed to placate various executives.  Do groups (or executives) have overlapping responsibilities?
  • Is the organization structure clean (simple) and clear (easy to understand)?
  • Is the accountability clear?
  • Does the organization structure facilitate quick decision making?

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5. Culture
- Your Needs

  • Is it clear which flavors of culture your organization wants to foster:
    • Growth-oriented, risk-taking culture or a conservative, profits-oriented culture?
    • Cooperative, team-work oriented culture or (internally) competitive culture?
    • Sales/marketing, deal-making driven culture or product/innovation driven culture?
    • Top-down or bottoms-up culture? Command-n-control or consensus building culture? Toe-the-line or debate-n-challenge culture?
    • People development and investment culture or high (people) turn-over culture?

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