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Press Release

New Business Book/Parable
on Transforming Leadership and Management Perspectives

Houston, Texas, February 12, 2010 - Cohegic Corporation announced today that it's president, Ravi Gopaldas Kathuria has released his business book, Coherent Strategy and Execution: An Eye-opening Parable about Transforming Leadership and Management Perspectives.

Coherent Strategy and Execution is a realistic, intense story of a CEO, Trent Wertheimer. Trent believes he is perfect and can take his company to the next level, but the harder he tries the deeper he digs himself into a hole. This is the story how Trent leads the eye-opening business transformation of his company, and at the same time goes through a difficult personal transformation, without which success would be beyond his reach.

This business parable proves insightful at multiple levels. It masterfully captures the internal politics and the management conflicts, while providing a behind-the-scenes preview into the CEO's mind. Most importantly, in the backdrop of this story, this book presents a succinct business-management method.

There are various business books on strategy, execution, work processes, organization design, culture, and other organizational areas. However, very few books tie it all together. The management method in this book masterfully and holistically connects the key strategic aspects of an organization something leaders will find particularly valuable in leading and managing their organizations coherently.

"After more than two years of grueling hard work, I am excited and thrilled to share key leadership and management takeaways through this book," said Ravi Kathuria. "During the editing phase, more than fifty people took the time to review and provide valuable feedback . Their feedback has made this book powerful and easy-to-read. I am indebted to them for their help."

Published by SeemaCorp, Coherent Strategy and Execution is available for purchase through the online retailer Amazon.com.

Cohegic is a management consulting, executive coaching, sales coaching firm. Cohegic helps its client organizations coherently connect the business aspects critical for running their business: from mission, vision, values, strategy to work processes, roles and responsibilities, culture and execution.