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Formation of Effective Execution, Incorporated

Houston, Texas, February 12, 2002 – Ravi Kathuria, former Director of Strategy Management Process and Performance Metrics at Enron Energy Services announced the formation of Effective Execution, Inc., a management-consulting firm focused on enhancing business productivity.

"Lack of clarity, poor coordination and lack of measurement and verification, often undermine an organization's ability to achieve its goal," said Ravi Kathuria, President of Effective Execution, Inc. "The cost of lower productivity as a result of poor business-execution can be significant. Effective Execution’s mission is to offer simple, quick and effective solutions to enhance business productivity."

Ravi is a proven business-execution expert having spearheaded and directed cross-functional, enterprise-wide change management initiatives at major corporations in the Houston region. With strong expertise in organizational effectiveness, business process modeling and performance metrics, he is excellent at facilitating focus, alignment and performance improvement in corporations from the boardroom to front-line employees. Ravi has worked with over a hundred executives from CEOs to heads of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Customer Service, Accounting, Legal, HR and IT.

About Effective Execution, Inc.

Effective Execution, Inc. is a management consulting firm focused on helping clients enhance business productivity by improving their organization's ability to execute. It helps clients crystallize their mission, vision and strategic principles; implement management process such as the strategy execution and sales execution processes; analyze and design work processes; design the organization structure, roles and responsibilities and develop a high-performance culture.