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President of Effective Execution, Inc. Appointed as Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership's Corporate Connection Taskforce

Houston, Texas, January 16, 2004 Effective Execution, Inc. announced today that Ravi Kathuria, founder and President of Effective Execution, Inc. has been appointed as the Chairman of the Emerging Business Council's Corporate Connection Taskforce at the Greater Houston Partnership.

The Greater Houston Partnership is the primary advocate of Houston's business community and is dedicated to building economic prosperity in the region. The vision of the Emerging Business Council is to realize the potential of Houston as a recognized center for the creation and growth of emerging businesses.

The Corporate Connection program is a new program and its goal is to help large corporations and small & mid-sized businesses (SMBs) form productive business relationships. The objective is to provide value to large corporations by introducing solutions that they may not have considered before. And, provide value to SMBs by allowing them to make connections that they might not make otherwise.

"The Corporate Connection program is an exciting program that will create a lot of value for the partnership's member companies and help increase economic activity in Houston. Having lobbied hard in 2003 for the creation of this program, I am thrilled to see the partnership and the Emerging Business Council create this program and taskforce," stated Ravi Kathuria.

About Effective Execution, Inc.

Effective Execution, Inc. is a management consulting firm focused on helping clients enhance business productivity by improving their organization's ability to execute. It helps clients crystallize their mission, vision and strategic principles; implement management process such as the strategy execution and sales execution processes; analyze and design work processes; design the organization structure, roles and responsibilities and develop a high-performance culture.