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Effective Execution, Inc. Successfully Completes Engagement with Fortune 500 Client

Houston, Texas, November 12, 2002 Effective Execution, Inc. successfully completed an engagement at Prime Wave Communications to enhance performance, process and alignment.

Prime Wave Communications is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 Communications (NYSE: LLL) a Fortune 500, four billion dollars defense and telecommunications corporation that was formed as a conglomeration of business units from Lockheed Martin and Loral Corp.

Prime Wave Communications (PWC) is a broadband wireless access technology company headquartered in Houston. PWC designs, manufactures, and markets turnkey broadband wireless access systems to Telephone companies, primarily in 2nd and 3rd world countries.

"This engagement has immediately brought about important behavioral changes and strengthened relationships among the leadership team," said Mr. Ashok Rao, President and CEO of Prime Wave Communications. "Effective Execution, Inc. has delivered great value and we plan on having a regular and on-going relationship with Effective Execution."

About Effective Execution, Inc.

Effective Execution, Inc. is a management consulting firm focused on helping clients enhance business productivity by improving their organization's ability to execute. It helps clients crystallize their mission, vision and strategic principles; implement management process such as the strategy execution and sales execution processes; analyze and design work processes; design the organization structure, roles and responsibilities and develop a high-performance culture.