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Ravi Gopaldas Kathuria is the founder and principal of Cohegic Corporation, a management consulting firm focused on helping organizations enhance their business clarity and strategic coherence.

In his new, engaging and insightful book, coherent strategy and execution: An Eye-opening Parable, Kathuria presents his systematic and coherent method for managing and leading an organization, in the backdrop of a practical situation.

“Kathuria is a highly successful business leader and has a stellar track record of identifying growth opportunities, leading organizations and executing strategies. He has developed the Houston Planning and Strategic Forum from a smaller niche organization focused on business planning to a much larger group focused on strategy, execution and insight with monthly topics and presentations from CEO's and industry leaders in a unique format. Kathuria is very dependable, results-oriented and also a great executive coach and mentor.”

Maury Sklar, Founding Board Member, Houston Planning and Startegic Forum

Kathuria is a proven business execution expert with strong expertise in organizational effectiveness, strategy development, business process modeling and performance metrics. He has spearheaded and directed cross-functional, enterprise-wide management initiatives at major corporations leading to improved corporate performance. He has excellent facilitation skills and has helped align organizations. 

Kathuria has worked with executives from CEOs to leaders of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Customer Service, Accounting, Legal, HR and IT. He is an excellent executive coach and his clients appreciate his insight and the clarity of his business solutions. His ideas are powerful and more importantly he works shoulder-to-shoulder with his clients to execute the ideas and deliver results. He has a personality well suited to lead difficult management initiatives. 

Kathuria served as the Director of Strategy Management Process and Performance Metrics for Enron Energy Services. In his corporate career of 15 years, Kathuria was employed at other Houston companies such as Halliburton (Brown & Root), Chemshare Corp., Intaq Inc. and Input/Output Inc. where he either led or participated in activities and initiatives to enhance productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. 

Kathuria received training from the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative. He is a graduate of the Institute of Managerial Leadership at the University of Texas at Austin, Business School and has a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Houston. 

Halliburton, Hewlett-Packard, St. Lukes Episcopal Health System, SBC executives and CEOs of Imperial Sugar Company (a $1.1 Billion in revenues) and SCP Pool Corp. ($1.3 Billion in revenues) have co-published business execution articles with Kathuria.

Kathuria volunteers actively in the community. He serves as the ...

  • President and CEO of the Houston Strategic Forum (HSF)
    • HSF is an association focused on strategy and execution.
  • Past Steering Committee member of the Greater Houston Partnership's Marketing Committee
  • Led the mentoring roundtable of the Houston chapter of TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs)
    • Kathuria coached entrepreneurs and corporate professionals on various business issues from sales to operations.
  • Past Chairman of the Greater Houston Partnership 's Corporate Connection Program
  • Past Steering Committee member of the Greater Houston Partnership's Emerging Business Council
  • Past member of the MIT Forum's Cornerstone Clinic Advisory Panel.
  • Frequent speaker at the University of Houston's Center for Entrepreneurship & innovation and the Global Energy Management Institute

“I have known Kathuria for a number of years as we are both on the Board of Directors for the Houston Strategic Forurm. Kathuria is a very dynamic, high energy individual. He is very influencial and knows how to make things happen. Kathuria has been very fundamental in redefining the Houston Strategic Forum (formerly the Houston Planning Forum) and has been President of the group during the major redefinition of the group. We have gone from a 'boutique group' to being recognized as the Houston organization with the best speaker list in town!”

Steven Anderson, Board Member, Houston Startegic Forum