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"Ravi, is the best in the business. I've worked the past 20 years in sales and marketing. What I have learned in two days of his sales class has helped me so much that I wish I could have gotten to meet Ravi earlier in my career."

Jonathan Smith, President, PrideStaff

Transform Your Selling Habits

How well do you Qualify your Prospects?

How sure are you that you understand the prospect's Pain?

How well do you Close the deal?


If you are involved in Complex Sales, this coaching class is designed for you
1. Professional and Business Services: Accounting, Architecture, Consulting, Financial, Insurance, Legal, Marketing, IT, etc.
2. High-dollar Transactions: Software, Equipment, Real-estate, etc.

Tranform your Selling
Discover how you act and react in sales situations so you can re-wire your habits and sell better.

Personalized Feedback
We keep the class size small so you get individualized feedback.

“Ravi's mind is brilliant. His ideas are profound, yet simple to understand. He listens intently and then guides through his ability to channel your thoughts with your desires. All sales people should attend his Sales Trainings. The program is simply fantastic!!!!”

Scott Robertson, President, LeadershipID

Sales Class Contents (Duration: Two Days)
1. Increase your selling efficiency by better qualifying your leads
2. Increase your success ratio by effectively developing the pain
3. Save your time and money by incisively qualifying opportunities
4. Eliminate objections by developing effective solutions
5. Close more deals by developing and preseting effective proposals

“I had the absolute priviledge of attending Ravi's Sales Class. I have been fortunate to attend many different sales courses, seminars and the like, but I have to tell everyone that is reading this, I REALLY GOT A LOT OUT OF HIS COURSE!! I was able to not only learn new information gathering techniques, but also role play with experienced professionals that shared their valuable ideas and experiences with me. I highly recommend Ravi's course. I look forward to any follow up courses that he offers.”

Belle Rebiere, VP Business Development, Techcess Group

Money-back Guarantee
Leave 1st day by lunch for a full refund.

Time: 9:00 to 5:00 PM
Duration: Two Days
Venue: Houstonian
(Spa Boardroom & Library)

“I attended Ravi's Sales Coaching course. My needs were to enhance my skills by learning additional/new sales tactics, better prospecting and building more executive relationships. The small group allowed everyone to participate, brainstorm, discuss the contents of the course and share experiences. I appreciate Ravi's process of continuously reviewing the covered material. It allowed me to 'remember' his proven successful sales process and imbed the methodology into my existing sales technique. Thanks Ravi and I look forward to working with you again to continually enhance my sales capabilities!”

Sandy Chavez , Account Manager , Business Security Solutions