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We don't just generate great ideas...
we help your organization execute them!

"The thought-provoking discussions helped the team get a greater understanding of the actions needed to achieve results. Your facilitation skills and the process were very helpful."

Neil Shah, CEO, Integrated Process Technologies, Inc.

“Ravi initially worked with us to establish our mission, purpose and passions for our business. We continued working with Ravi to document our core philosophies (Corporate DNA). Ravi was instrumental in facilitating us through a process that resulted in our clarifying and crystallizing our value proposition and to identify issues and areas for improvement to focus on. We developed a solid vision and goals with strategies and metrics for measuring our achievements. I recommend Ravi to any firm that is looking to sharpen their efforts towards achieving their goals.”

Gary Lassin, VP, BirdNest

Management Consulting

Depending on your organization's needs we help implement improvements in one or more of the five areas of business .

Introducing change and making it "stick" in an organization is a huge challenge. Making change "stick" is a challenge we excel in.

Many management consultants help clients come up with good ideas but are unable to help clients turn those ideas into reality. We are business execution experts and are here to translate good ideas to reality.

1. Mission, Vision, Core Management Philosophies and Values (MVC)
- Solution Offerings

  • We facilitate the ...
    • Deliberation, crystallization and articulation of the Mission, Vision, Values and Core Management Philosophies (MVC)
    • Alignment around MVC within the leadership team
    • Communication of the MVC throughout the organization

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2. Management Processes
- Solution Offerings

  • We facilitate the development of the ...
    • Overall Corporate Strategy
    • Product/Service Strategy
    • Customer Value Proposition Strategy
    • Market and Positioning Strategy
    • Sales Strategy
    • Customer Service Strategy
    • Internal Operational/Functional area Strategies
  • We succinctly (graphical) document the Strategy using our proprietary tools and techniques
    • Succinctly documenting strategy in an easy-to-understand format helps dissemination through-out the organization. This ensures the strategy document does not lay in a drawer unused.
  • We facilitate the implementation of a Business Performance Management system (based on the Balanced Scorecard) ...
    • Identification of the Objectives at all levels of the organization
    • Linking of the Strategy and Tactics with the Objectives of the departments and divisions
    • Cross-calibration and alignment of Objectives across groups
    • Identification of the right Metrics to measure the Business Performance and associated Performance Targets
    • Design and development of the Executive Dashboards
    • Data Collection and Production of Reports
    • Building of Data Analytics capabilities
  • We provide Training on "How to implement Balanced Scorecard"
    • How to build Strategy Maps
    • How to develop Objectives
    • How to design Metrics and Targets
    • How to develop Action Plans
    • How to design Executive Dashboards

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3. Work Processes
- Solution Offerings

    We facilitate the ...

  • Design of Work Processes
    • Identify Core Work Processes
    • Illustrate the hand-shakes and interactions between groups
    • Develop the performance criteria for the work processes including metrics and performance targets
    • Identify the parties accountable for different activities
  • Implementation of Work Processes
    • Training the work force
    • Measuring efficiency and quality
    • Fine tuning: Eliminating the bottle-necks and rough edges.

    Our services also include ...

  • Analysis and documentation of Customer2 processes
  • Analysis and design of the Business Domain Model
    • Provides a consistent description and interpretation of terms within the company. Helps eliminate waste and confusion. Improves the quality of the intellectual capital and speeds up product development.

    Our area of special focus is Sales ...

  • Implementing Sales Process
  • Provide Sales Coaching
    • We provide one-on-one, role-playing based sales coaching as opposed to a passive-listening based class-room training.
    • Help sales reps understand what really drives a sale. Armani suits, wing-tipped shoes and a firm hand-shake alone are highly insufficient to make a complex sale happen.
    • Help sales reps appreciate what the sales process is and how to use it to drive individual and team sales productivity higher.

Clients love our role-playing based Sales Coaching.

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4. Organization Structure
- Solution Offerings

    We help ...

  • Design the Organization Structure (Org Chart)
    • Ensure the organization design is based on sound business logic and needs
  • Develop Roles, Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Serve as a sounding board to organizational leaders in determining the assignment of people to roles
  • Coach executives on the selection of people to lead key roles

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5. Culture
- Solution Offerings

    We help ...

  • Drive alignment and inculcate a common and consistent culture
    • Identify the different cultures and cultural under-currents in the organization
    • Develop a common approach that everyone can be happy with
  • Implement the tenants of a "High-Performance" culture
    • Business Clarity
    • Ability to Influence
    • Effective Rewards

    We also provide

  • Productivity Training
    • Helps employees develop a business perspective

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